I don’t feel guilty like they do watching this family through the window. From a far, it looks like the man is talking to the woman. They are directly engaged in each other and I am the voyeur. A closer inspection, however, reveals that there is a wall between the two of them. The light is different on either side, I can’t remember whose side looked warmer with incandescence. The man is entertaining a TV and the woman doesn’t care that I am looking.

Brighton, New Years Eve.

Traveling From Seattle to Spokane

My girlfriend and I rented a Jeep shortly after arriving in Washington. On Thanksgiving I drove the Jeep with her and her mother across the whole state. Driving on the Central Washington freeways is the closest I’ve come to a seemingly never ending road. Expansive, flat fields on either side, covered in frost and silence. The road did not have any bends and there was no natural marker to convince that I wasn’t driving to the end of the world.